Sunday, January 30, 2011

Social Networking in Singapore

The top social networking site in Singapore is Facebook.  There are 638 thousand Singaporean users on Facebook.  Plurk is preferred over Twitter in Singapore.  Social networking is utilized differently there then here in the USA.  The government uses it to promote their armed forces and encourage others to join.  This is successful because social networking is used more frequently than search engines in Singapore.

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Year, New Header.

Our first assignment in Design Visualization 112 was to design a new blog header.  The restrictions on this header were to use computer type face and our own personal drawing.  Our header is supposed to represent  us as a designer.  When I began this, I immediately started with the font.  The font was the most simple part for me because I looked for what appealed to me.  I decided to make my font pink because I am very girly and I see that carry over to my work.  The font is bold because although I am not a bold designer yet, I aspire to get to that point.  The next step was the drawing.  I selected a pattern because I thought it was simple yet elegant.  My inspiration for the pattern came from my bed comforter.  This describes me as a designer because I designed my room in a way that best described me.  I think that the contrast between the curly pattern and the defined type came out nicely.  I've learned over the past semester that contrast is a big part of the program here because one week we'll be designing a box for twigs and the following we'll be searching for a light phenomenon.  I feel like my banner presents me in a positive manner and I enjoyed putting a splash of color in it because up until this time we have not been able to use color.