Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Scale Figures

This is Group 1.  These images are very simple, just enough to convey that there is a person there.  They are very gestural and don't focus on much detail.

This is Group 3.  These sketches are gestural as well.  What I appreciate about these is the sense of balance.  I like that the two on the chair appear bigger but they are the same size.  I also like that the two in the chairs backs are showing but the one sitting is facing you.  I think it  makes you want to look at the picture more. 

Fourth Year Critique

The Fourth Year students worked as a group to develop a new Vance Chavis Library.  They focused on the idea of Life Long Learning.  I found their project really fascinating because of all the little steps.  They were very informed and didn't have a problem answering any question that was given to them.  I liked how they separated their boards for presentation in the same way the library was set up.  I didn't like how the kids area was right beside the tutor station.  I feel that kids are really loud and for tutoring it needs to be quiet.  I thought it was cool that people from the library were there and loved what they had made.  I can't even fathom being able to create what they did so I am very excited for all that I will learn over these next fews years in this program.


When the semester first started, I thought I could draw okay.  I could convey an idea (most times) and to me that what was most important.  When I got here, expectations were far different.  The teachers cared about line quality, line weight, shadows, organization on the page and so much more.  If that was all I had to improve on, I think I would have done okay.  But in one semester learning how to draft and draw at the same time overwhelmed me.  Even though this wasn't the easiest class for me, I think I have greatly improved from where I started to where  I am now.  Now I can use shadow whereas before I was scarred of messing it up.  I still have a long way to go but I feel like I'm well on my way because of this class.

I selected this as my most successful because it was something totally foreign to me when I started.  I had never done a self portrait.  This doesn't really look like me but I selected it not on that but because I used shadow and different values.  It taught me that drawing people isn't my thing; drawing really isn't my thing.  I'm a much better painter.  But I liked this drawing the best because I tried something new and feel like although it isn't near as good as Alexis', it is still something I am proud of.

Drafting Assignments

This particular drawing caused me so much trouble when I was drawing it.  This piece probably frustrated me the most.  Looking back now, I could probably do this without an issue but when I was learning it, it seemed much harder.

Observational Sketches

I'm very happy with how this drawing came out.  It took me about 20 minutes to get the shading correct. I feel like you can look at this and tell that it is bananas, whereas in some of my other drawings you cannot despite my best effort.

This is a sketch of one of my studio drawings.  I also selected this one because it is obvious what it is.  I was proud of the project and feel that my drawing represented it well.  I took my time to make it look nice.

This is a zoomed in look on the same studio project.  It shows how the pieces of wood are connected.  I picked it because I like how it fills the whole page and gives you a different perspective on what you see above.
This is Andrada Gilbert's sketch of a leaf.  I picked it as my favorite because it is simple yet recognizable.  I feel like just focusing on the outline brought a new look to the leaf.
This is Anna Hambly's sketch of a leaf.  I also selected a leaf for her because I liked how different the two sketches were.  Anna's focused more on shading and texture, which in a way I view to be more convincing.  I liked her placement on the page, making it a dominant element.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Where it all started:

My light effect was the difference between the sunsets in two places.  All photos were taken at the same time in both locations.

Final Project:
The steps leading up to my final project took hours on end.  I messed up more times then I can count but learning what not to do helped me to develop my luminaire to where it is now.  The biggest challenge I faced was trying to print on translucent paper.  It smears very easily because the ink doesn't take to the paper well.  Another challenge was trying to get the luminaire to stand balanced.  After working through all the kinks, I am very proud of what I developed and think it was my best project of the semester.  I didn't leave a detail out, even going as far as to stain the wood for a more finished look.  I love my luminaire because I can use it even after this project is over.

Final Project in the Light

Each side was different but very simillar in order to maintain an even flow.

My project wasn't perfect; it was hard to make these stand in a perfect square. Reguardless, I still am very proud of the task I accomplished.

Finished luminaire in the dark

Angled view in the dark.

Documenting My Work:

For this drawing I used brown, yellow, and orange colored pencils.  The difficulties I faced were being limited to three colors and having to create this on a dark background.

Wood Project

For this project, we were all taken down to the shop and given one 2x4.  We were to use this wood to create something but were not allowed to use any type of adhesive and had to use all the wood of the 2x4 but no more then that.  I figured that with only one piece of wood, my project needed to be small.  I was very hung up on having to use all the wood.  When I began sketching, it was very clear to me that I wanted to make something that I could use afterwards.  I didn't want to spend my time making something that would just be trash to me in a matter of weeks.  My first thought was to make it an art piece so that's what I went with.  I spent many hours in the shop ruining piece after piece of wood.  Turns out cutting out grooves to fit together is a lot harder then it looks.  It was quite a puzzle but I eventually got all my pieces to fit together and am more then thrilled on how it turned out.  Although upon presentation I had to stick to the rules of no adhesive, I plan on gluing my pieces together after the critique and staining them in order to hang my project on my wall in my apartment.

Place for 12 Twigs

Final Project

From this project, I learned that tape doesn't photograph well so I will use other materials from here on out.

Second Model

This is the first project in which I didn't stick to my first idea.  My final project went through three drastic changes before it was finished.  The only reason it was finished then was due to the time constraint.  There were so many different ways to take this project.  We weren't given the type of twigs to use; so the ones I selected were corkscrew willow branches.  These were much more interesting to me then the ordinary straight sticks I used at first.  The problem I came across was the unruly nature of my selected twigs; I couldn't get them to stay in the container.  Thats when I decided to completely change my idea, keeping only the lessons I learned from my second model.  My project came together simply by seeing accidental mistakes, appreciating them, and then turning them into something more finished.  I thought it was too simple and looked as if a kindergartener had done it but after talking to Tommy he convinced me to embrace the simplictiy.  Learning from mistakes was what helped me more then anything else to complete this project.