Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Blog Post One

This object represents me as a designer because of the contemporary design.  I feel like it is contemporary while playing off a bit of a modern feel.  I enjoy modern design but I find contemporary to be more home like.  I also appreciate the asymmetry of the similar shapes.

Culturally the lamp represents the convenience of electricity and advances in architectural design.  We have moved from simply covering the bulb of a lamp to using it as a design feature.

Sub-culturally it breaks what we would typically think about mass production of US products.  This lamp was actually completely manufactured in the United States which is becoming more and more uncommon.  I learned after a conversation with a customer at work that the products made in China aren't able to be sold in China.  The prices of items over there is ridiculous compared to here.  Although the Chinese are making our products, they can't buy them without traveling to the USA.  That bothered me and made me begin to think more about local manufacturing.

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